Geoff Kanick has been performing professionally since he was 12 years old. Began juggling knives at age 13 (torches came later that year). He got his first straight jacket at age 14.

Geoff is an award-winning classically trained actor, dancer, and variety entertainer. He graduated with distinction from the Master’s Program in International Acting at East 15 in London, where he studied under Monique Wilson, Leon Rubin, and Robin Sneller. He has also trained at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre under Giles Block, Glyn MacDonald, and Martin McKellan, and at the London Dramatic Academy under the direction of Richard Digby Day. Geoff holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Gonzaga University, where he received awards for performance in dance and theatre. While at Gonzaga, he was a four-year member of the GUTS improv troupe for which he directed and devised long-form fully-staged performances and taught workshops. Geoff is a former company member of the Tacoma City Ballet Company, where he studied ballet and modern dance for 12 years.

Geoff has been performing professionally as a variety entertainer for over ten years. In 2012, he was named Seattle Performing Artist of the Year. He specializes in the vaudeville tradition and performs a unique blend of new circus, improvised comedy, physical theatre, and world-class illusion. Geoff has devised and performed one-man shows across the country: Empty Space (2012), Ghostlight (2010), Delightfully Dangerous (2010), Perpetual Nonsense (2010), Something About Fate, Chance, & Luck (2009), Hypothesis (2008), Magick (2007). 

Geoff’s work is a unique fusion of his experience as a variety entertainer and his training as an actor and mover in the traditions of Lecoq, Laban, Stanislavski, and Grotowski.

Geoff is currently performing in "Queen of the Night" at the Paramount in New York City's Times Square.